For a lunch break, a snack or an appetizer…

Savoury formulas

Homemade buckwheat crêpes, sandwiches, salads, tarts, combo platters (dry sausage, toasts, spreadables)… you are offered homemade quality products.

Sweet formulas

Froment (wheat) crêpes, homemade cookies and rice pudding, chocolate cake, ice creams...enough snacks to satisfy the most eager appetites !

Treat yourself !


The 2019 Menu




Have a break !

A friendly moment

Let’s get you settled on our panoramic terrace to look after the children while having a drink or a coffee.

A terrace in a tree

Climb on top of our 100 year-old oak tree to share an appetizer or split a sundae. A privileged high-pitched moment !

Settle and enjoy…