aven parc rolling bulle sensations fun finistère


The Bubble of every challenge

For the most adventurous !

From the age of 14

+ 125cm, - 100kg

Thrills guaranteed

Set up in pairs and get ready to roll down the hill...thrills guaranteed!

Share a sensational moment

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aven parc piste de descente tubing


Our whizzing buoys !

Thrills guaranteed !

From the age of 4

+1m, -100kg

The slopes are waiting for you !

Get comfy in your buoy, solo or in pairs, whizz down the slope at great speed. A downhill mixing thrills and fun for an entertaining family leisure...

A moment for sharing and laughing !

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Nocturne spéciale 10ans le Labyrinthe de Pont-Aven et sa ferme

Horror Night

A 1 hour journey

Prepare for the worst !

Not recommended for children under 12

A terrifying experience

Many characters are waiting for you during our horror nights. Will you dare facing them ?

Get ready…

for a thrilling night!

  • Everything is touch and go...

    Everything is touch and go...

    the labyrinth will be even more terrifying and surprising this year, 1hour of thrills guaranteed! But will you live up to the challenge?

  • Malicious and worrying characters

    Malicious and worrying characters

    They wander in the maze waiting for you to come...they will try to make you lose your way and lead you to failure in your inquiry.

  • Une sortie sous condition...

    Une sortie sous condition...

    Vous serez chargés d'une mission avant votre entrée dans le labyrinthe hanté. Les personnages tenteront de vous perdre et de vous faire échouer. La sortie ne vous sera pourtant possible qu'une fois votre quête accomplie.

The progress of an adventure in the haunted maze :

When :

The haunted maze takes place on Wednesday and Friday nights from the 17th of July to the 30th of August. From 9pm to 1am (closing of the ticket office at 11:30pm). The journey is about one-hour long.

How :

Come equipped with torches and closed shoes for the path by night (1 torch for 2 or 3 persons)

On booking :

For every participant to have the best time in the haunted maze, our horror nights can only be booked in advance. Call 0678183598



Throwback on our previous Horror nights

Not for the faint of heart !


Teenagers, thirty-year-olds or sexagenarians, we are all seeking at all times of our lives, this little thrill that will make us feel alive.

The concept of our horror nights is simple : equipped with your torch, you are about to enter the maze’s aisles to meet our numerous characters, each one being more frightening than the other. They will appear at every corner. Sometimes, you will hear them well ahead, yet without being able to avoid crossing them. Come with an appropriate outfit because you will surely run, sweat, startle and even often tumble.

Discrete, hysterical, authoritative or sneaky, every actor is here for you to go through a nightmare. What’s for sure is that you will never forget about your experience at the haunted maze…
Get some information on the previous years’ themes on this page !



12 years already !



It’s already been 12 years since the labyrinth opened and we are so happy to see you there from one year to another, ever more numerous and loyal as usual.

Our 10th anniversary : 10 years is something to celebrate. For the occasion, we set up a very special night for our visitors…catering, fire-eaters, batucada, amazing shows and fireworks…
The haunted maze was even more terrifying. Our actors outperformed for the guests to live ever more frightening moments. Equipped with their torches, the visitors tried to stride the aisles of the maze.

So are you sure you want to enter the gates of this year’s magical maze ?


Do not hesitate to contact us.


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