nourrissage des animaux la ferme avec enclos ouverts ateliers pédagogiques parc de loisirs pont aven

Farm with open paddocks

Put your rubber boots on,

to go and meet our farm residents.

From the age of 3

A rich experience

Have a walk around the farm with the open paddocks and meet the animals through a direct contact. Attend the daily events or participate in the small farmer's workshop and become a groomer to bottle feed the newborns, feed the goats, have a closer contact with the experience full of emotions and discoveries...

A direct contact with the farm animals…

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parc de loisirs aven parc le parcours sensoriel

The sensory path

Smell, touch, hearing,

Come and awaken your senses.

From the age of 1 year old

A sensory experience

Walls of touch, barefoot pathways, scents hut, share a playful moment around sense stimulation.

A path to enjoy with family and friends…

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parc de loisirs aven parc le filet suspendu

The suspended net

At the heart of the wooden labyrinth

A very playful path

From the age of 4

A unique experience

Many surprises are waiting for you inside the wooden labyrinth : net crossings, distorting mirrors, bridges, or periscopes will enhance your day at the park.

Laugh, fun and adventure…

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labyrinthe de bois loisirs enfants le labyrinthe de Pont aven

The wooden labyrinth

A permanent labyrinth

a very playful pathway

From the age of 4

A unique experience

Many surprises are waiting for you inside the wooden labyrinth : net crossings, distorting mirrors, bridges, or periscopes will enhance your day at the park.

In the middle of nature…

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Le Labyrinthe de Pont-aven et sa ferme vue aérienne finistere bretagne

The corn maze

Go and explore our corn maze,

Run, hunt, laugh and attend the numerous shows.

From the age of 6

A crazy adventure

Go on an adventure while getting lost in the meanders of our corn maze. Treasure hunts, giant scenes and features, actors and magic shows. A funny and stunning adventure to share together as a family...

A labyrinth full of surprises…

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A new theme to be discovered every year

To amaze you even more…

  • 2019 : The world of magic

    2019 : The world of magic

    Through the 4 levels of the labyrinth, go and explore a universe where magic becomes reality.

  • A full-scale treasure hunt

    A full-scale treasure hunt

    The labyrinth will allow you to enter and

    take part in a full-scale treasure hunt with

    riddles, giant scenes and actors.

    An original and playful inquiry...

  • Une animation multigénérationnelle

    Une animation multigénérationnelle

    S'amuser entre amis ou en famille, petits et grands grâce à un parcours adapté à tous. Quizz adultes ou enfants, échanges avec les comédiens; défi et amusement pour tous.



The progress of the adventure :

4 levels and intermediate exits

Thanks to its story built in 4 steps, you can adapt the time you want to spend inside the labyrinth : from 35 minutes to 2 hours with intermediate exits to come across regularly.

Let's awaken your senses...

In addition to the group of actors, the treasure hunt and the giant scenes and features, your sight and hearing will also be awaken at every stage thanks to sounds and lights systems.

The final show.

3 performers act permanently in the maze to liven up your experience, and a little show will properly complete your treasure hunt. Young and old will enjoy it by being mere viewers or even by taking part in the show...





Meet our team…

actors who know how to entertain you, amuse you and surprise you…






Throwback on our previous themes

2018 edition : Pinocchio and the puppets world


2018 was marked with Pinocchio and his companions’ venue in the wonderful world of the corn maze. Pinocchio, accompanied by his loyal friend Gepetto and the mischievous Mr.Crapule took us to the puppets world. Through a maze of corridors, we had to resolve the trickiest riddles and avoid Mr. Crapule’s traps. Thanks to you all, this edition was a real success and we managed to make it to Pinocchio’s final show.



2017 edition: The Aven Parc’s Arabian nights…


The 2017 theme « In the footsteps of Aladdin » took us to the universe of the Arabian nights for an experience high in colors and full of emotions. At every corner, we got lost in the souk’s narrow aisles and hidden treasures. We also followed the smells of saffron, curry and paprika, and rubbed magic lamps that led us towards the kingdom so dearly coveted by Jafar.
Our break in the shade of palm trees was well deserved before catching up with the terrible Jafar. Thanks to you all, the mission was fulfilled and Jasmine was reunited with her beloved unknown, the handsome Aladdin.

Mint tea and gazelle horns, once again our three characters Jasmine, the Genie and Jafar welcomed and entertained you in a proper way along this discovery of Agrabah…





2016 edition : I’m running late…

In 2016, our visitors dove into Wonderland. A dream world and a crazy universe. The Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and, of course, the Queen of Hearts set the pace for this adventure where time was running out…Hurry up, hurry up, you have no time to lose ! Solve the Red Queen’s riddle before getting your head cut !





2015 edition : L’Aven Parc did its show !

Get closer… come and discover our 2015 show in the company of Mr. Loyal and the clown Typo. Were you on the guest list to attend Marceau’s show ? Well, if not, what were you doing ? You had to challenge Mr.Loyal to gain your seat in the stands for the final show…

A flamboyant, funny and dynamic adventure that convinced both young and old !


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table de ping pong parc de loisirs et aire de jeux finistère

The table tennis

Matches, challenges and amusement

for animated tournaments.

From the age of 6


Solo or as a team, try to win the match. Be careful, the winner is not always the one you expect to be...

Share true moments with family and friends…

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La tour aire de jeux parc de loisirs pont aven les jeux

The tower

Climb the steps,

and overhang the park.

From the age of 6

I am the king of the World!

Climb up the first floor of the tower, make a stop to enjoy its suspended net, and get to the second floor. Here's a breathtaking view from which you can even cheat for the bower maze inquiry!

A spectacular view !

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aven parc parc de loisirs nature potager sortie en finistère

The garden

Awaken your senses

A green discovery

From the age of 3

A stunning experience

Have a walk around our garden lanes and learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables, aromatic plants, appropriate combinations to do for seedling...a funny and learning experience suitable for all ages.

A playful and educational garden…

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jeu en bois parc de loisirs et aire de jeux finistère les jeux

The wooden games

Share a game time,

In pairs or in group.

From the age of 5

A recreation time

A speed, strategy and accuracy game, each one can have a favorite...

Providing fun for all !

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labyrinthe parc de loisirs et aire de jeux bretagne labyrinthe de charmille

The bower maze

Spot the mistake,

A team game where patience prevails.

From the age of 6

Spot the mistake

You will be given a paper plan of the bower maze at the checkout. The trick is that it includes 4 errors. Your mission is to find them along a 45 minutes to 1 hour long inquiry. You will find the solutions at the centre of the maze.

A journey to share with family and friends !

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The giant chess

Be trickier than the other challengers..


From the age of 6

An XXL version of chess

Take part in a giant chess match in the middle of nature. This contest will be unforgettable for sure...

Game partners…

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aven parc agneaux biberonnage

Bottle feeding the baby animals

An introduction to lambing

The lovely little lambs

For the whole family

A family activity

Come and attend the activity to enjoy a privileged moment with the lambs. These little babies are bottle-fed by a farmer.

A delightful entertainment for young and old

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aven parc sky dive

The Sky dive

Enjoy a splendid view of the park

A panoramic view over the park

From the age of 7

+ 125cm, - 100kg

For a magical moment

Fly over the bower maze and overhang the park. A 50 metres long magical ride at 12 metres high.

A unique experience in Brittany

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aven parc piste de descente tubing


Our whizzing buoys !

Thrills guaranteed !

From the age of 4

+1m, -100kg

The slopes are waiting for you !

Get comfy in your buoy, solo or in pairs, whizz down the slope at great speed. A downhill mixing thrills and fun for an entertaining family leisure...

A moment for sharing and laughing !

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Les trampolines aire de jeux aven parc

The trampolines

Our trampoline island

Sporty and entertaining…

From the age of 3

Family bo(u)nds !

The 6 big jumping mats appropriate for the oldest guests only allow grown-ups to let off steam too for an entertaining family day out...

Bounce with fun !


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